At St. Dunstan's we strive every day to welcome ALL people. If you are LGBTQ and have questions about our church, here is a bit of information that might make you more at ease:

Am I really welcome at St. Dunstan’s? Yes, you and your loved ones really are welcome. Each of our members has promised, at the time of his or her baptism, to “respect the dignity of every human being.” St. Dunstan’s has always had a strong commitment to inclusion and social justice and LGBTQ persons are involved in our church at every level.

Are you a gay church? We have a lot of LGBTQ members, but we are a church made up of all kinds of people from every walk of life and every age group.

What kind of church is The Episcopal Church? We are a church that combines ancient roots and modern ideas. We believe that God loves everyone with no exceptions. We follow the teachings of Jesus, who embodied God’s love in the world. We respect intellectual freedom and embrace scientific inquiry. As a member of the Anglican Communion, we seek to be a “middle way” between the Protestant and Catholic traditions. We have Communion (a.k.a. the Lord’s Supper) on Sundays, but we also read several passages of scripture.

What is the Church’s position on the Bible and LGBTQ people?

   The Bible is not the sole source of authority in the Episcopal Church. Authority in the Episcopal Church is balanced between the scriptures, church tradition and human reason guided by the Holy Spirit. After deep study of scripture, we believe that certain biblical laws reflect their cultural times, and that just as the Holy Spirit guided the early church to welcome both Jews and non-Jews as equals, the Spirit also calls us to do the same today for LGBTQ people.

Will I be in church all day if I come? No - most services last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Sermons tend to be from 10-20 minutes.

Will I be singled out if I come? No, you can expect to be treated like anyone else.

Can I receive Communion? You don’t have to be an Episcopalian to receive Communion in our church. Just follow along with what the other people are doing, and don’t worry!

Would you do my wedding? Basically the rules for gay or lesbian couples are the same for straight couples. Because marriage (gay or straight) is considered a sacrament – an outward sign of God’s love for us – we have some rules and guidelines we have to follow, but they are not difficult ones. The basic rule is, because the congregation is making a vow to support you in your lives together, we ask that you make a commitment to be part of the church.

Are LGBTQ people allowed to get ordained? Yes. Like anything that involves a lot of trust and responsibility, there is a great deal of discernment and preparation involved, but the short answer is yes, LGBTQ people are ordained in the Episcopal Church.

When are your services? We have two services in English on Sunday mornings: an 8:30 service with hymns, and an 11:00 service with choir or folk musicians during the school year. At 1:00 p.m. on Sundays we have a service in Spanish and on Wednesdays at 5:30 we have a short communion service that includes prayers for healing.