Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can go up to the communion rail?  Everyone is welcome just follow the people ahead of you up to the rail. Put your hands out like your neighbors to receive the bread.  You can help guide the chalice (cup) to your mouth by holding it gently by the base. If you prefer to have the wafer dipped in the wine, please hold it out and the cup bearer will do that for you.  You may also just receive the bread if you prefer.

What if I'm not baptized?  If you haven't been baptized, you can still come up and receive a blessing.  Just kneel or stand with your arms crossed over your chest to receive a blessing.

What does it take to get baptized?  To be baptized, you need to be ready to make a change in your life -- to repent of the things that separate you from God, and to promise to follow Christ.  If you would like to be baptized, please speak to Mother Mary Ann, Deacon Alan, or Kyleigh Brewer, our parish administrator.

Why do children receive communion?  The only requirement to receive communion is baptism.  We believe that children have an innate understanding that they are participating in something holy that involves the love that God and Jesus have for them.  If we are truthful, even adults don't fully understand the holy mystery that takes place during Holy Communion.  If you have questions, please speak to Mother Mary Ann.

Why can't I always find the music in the hymnal?  Our hymnal (the blue book in the pew wrack) is divided into two parts:  service music and hymns.  Service music is used for the parts of the service that can be sung, so if you see an "S" before a number, like S280, that will be found in the front of the hymnal.  Hymns, or songs, are found in the rest of the book. In the songbook we use when the folk group sings, the service music is in the front section too. 

Why is there traditional choir music some times, and folk music other times?  Our choir, accompanied by the organ and lead by Organist/Choir Director Eliot Glaser, sings each Sunday of the month but one.  Our folk musicians, dunstanfolk, play one Sunday a month, usually the fourth Sunday.

Why all the getting up and down?  The rule of thumb is that we stand to sing, sit to listen, and kneel to pray, although some people prefer to stand for prayer, and others need to sit through the whole service.  Because worship is not entertainment, everyone participates, and that includes movement, singing, and responding.

Why do you use those funny bags for the offering?  It's true that most churches use offering plates or baskets, but we want our children to be able to participate by bringing the offering up to the altar, and the bags are easier for them to manage.

Is it okay for children to be in church for the whole time?  We have a nursery just inside the hallway to the left of the entrance area.  Many parents will go and get their children from the nursery in time to come up for communion or to receive a blessing.  If your children are more comfortable with you, you are welcome to keep them with you.  St. Dunstan's is very welcoming of children and we understand that they behave differently than adults.  We have children's chapel every Sunday at each service for children between 3 and 8, and most children enjoy participating. They can follow the Children's Chapel Crucifer out at the beginning of the service, and return half way through. You are welcome to go with them the first time. 

What do I do if I have more questions?  Please contact Mother Mary Ann at or our Parish Administrator, Kyleigh Brewer, at  They can both be reached at 918-492-7140, and either of them would be delighted to visit with you.

Worship is central to our life together, and we invite you to participate fully with us.  Just as Jesus shared the bread and wine with his first followers, he is present with us today in this family meal we call Holy Communion. Through communion, we share in the forgiveness of sins, the strengthening of our relationship with God, and participation in the risen life of Christ.   All baptized persons, regardless of age or church membership, are welcome to join us for communion.  Additionally, any one at all is welcome to come forward to receive a blessing.  If you are not baptized, and would like to be, please speak to a member of the clergy.


Sunday - Holy Eucharist at 8:30am and 11am 
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Wednesday - Holy Eucharist and Prayers for Healing 5:30pm 
Be sure to join us for coffee hour after each Sunday service! 

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